Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add an item to my Wannitt List?

To add an item, select the "Add Item" button on your Wannitt profile.

When adding an item to your list, there is room for a title of the item, a photo of the item, a website address to reference where the item was found and a description about the item.

If you found the item that you want online, save an image of the item to your computer (by right-clicking on the image) and then browse for that image to upload it with your entry. You can then copy the website address where the item was found and paste that in the item URL text box.

If you didn't see the item online, but saw the item while you were shopping in the mall, you can take a photo of that item and upload that photo when you add an item to your list.

Once you have added the item title, photo and website address (if available), you can then provide a brief description about the item. In this description you could include any information that would be helpful to you or to someone wanting to purchase the item for you such as price of the item, color of preference, size, store location etc.

I no longer want an item that I added on to my Wannitt List, what do I do?

Deleting an item from you Wannitt list is simple. Make sure you are logged into your account and select the "X" button on the item you wish to delete. And *poof*, it will be gone!

I made a spelling error when adding an item to my Wannitt List, can I edit the entry?

You sure can! Just click on the "edit" button at the top right side of the entry and you will be able to edit any boo-boo's made in the title or description of that entry. Hit "save" to save your changes and you are all finished.

If I add an item from someone else's list, can I change the title or description of the item?

Yes! After adding the item, go to your list and select the "edit" button. You will then be able to change either the title or the description. However, you will not be able to edit either the photo of the item or the website link to the item.

What is the Got It List?

Your Got It list is your place to store and display the items you get from you Wannitt list.

How do I move an item to my Got It List?

Once you score one of your items from your Wannitt list (e.g., someone buys it for you or you treat yourself), select the "Got It" button on the item you wish to move (you must be logged into your profile in order to do this) and the item will be moved to your Got It list.

I want to share my list with my friends, how do I do this?

You can share your list with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google + or email. The sharing icons are located at the top of your Wannitt profile, right beside your profile picture. Just select the icon where you wish to share your list and share away!

I'm viewing my friends Wannitt List and I see an item I want to add to my Wannitt List? How do I do this?

When browsing profiles created by other Wannitt users, adding an item from their Wannitt to yours is simple. Press the "I Wannitt" button on the entry and the item will be added to your list. Easy peasy!

I don't have a Wannitt profile but am here to look at my friend's profile. Can I do that without creating an account?

Yes, you can view anyone's Wannitt profile without creating an account. However, you will not be able to dibs an item (see more below on dibs) without creating an account.

What is Dibs?

Because these are lists of what people want, the dibs function allows you to stake your claim to buy an item from that person's Wannitt list. This prevents the likelihood that someone else will purchase the same gift for that person. However, you must be logged into your Wannitt profile in order to dibs an item.

If I dibs an item, will the other person know that I did that?

No, they will not be notified that someone has put dibs on an item for them. Not only will they not know who put dibs on an item of theirs, the dibs button is not even visible to them when they are logged into their profile, preventing people from seeing or knowing when an item has been marked as dibs.

How do I add my profile picture to my Wannitt profile?

Click on the picture placeholder on your profile and you will be taken to your profile settings. Once there, click on the picture placeholder that shows up in the box. You will then be able to browse and upload your own picture.